Poem – The reason

“The Reason”

My reaction in time
heals all wounds,
old and new.
Every grain of sand tears me apart
and my hand me down broken heart
needs a mend that I can’t put my finger on.
It’s quiet in here,
too quiet almost.
Where once I’d raise toast,
now there’s only ghosts.
Do they seek to haunt me?
or just wish to keep warm in my company
for a little while?
This world is not cut out for lonely apparitions.
Is time standing still or am I simply moving too fast
to notice it’s passing?
Or perhaps I am just the last of an ever wanting,
ever haunting,
long line of kings.
Perhaps I am already dead.
Heir to the throne of a deserving life,
a loving life,
a loved life.
It’s quiet in here,
so cold too.
Waiting for these thoughts of mine to
give way to the day that
we will meet in Eden.
Believe me when I tell you
I am but a vessel to cross the ocean
to your kingdom in the stars.
And you?
You are the reason I brave the journey.

-Devin Ott

March 10/2015

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