Poem: Mothers Man

“Mothers Man”

I came here to destroy my head
but found something beautiful instead.
Chased the state down a side street grate
and found my book was read.
From each page read
a foreign hand led me
to find and set the stone.
For heart and home was overgrown,
set ablaze just to know.
Staring back as I fell I saw a boy I thought I knew,
His eyes were mine, young and kind,
but barely recognizing who.
He faded away as I was swallowed whole,
my heart to dark to see.
I had put myself up on the shelf
to gather dust and cease to be.
After many years I heard a voice
gathered among the wolf and sheep.
I was returned the soul, I’d paid in toll
and awoke from the sleep.
I jumped off the shelf to the floor below
and was caught by a beam of light,
becoming all I dreamed, your love it seems,
turned me day from night.

By Devin Ott Feb 4th/15

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