Poem – Of the shadow and the man

“Of the shadow and the man”

A man see’s the shade
and is taken hostage by his thoughts.
Drew his blade, ace to spadeand went to war to be forgot.
His defected character could never climb,
the rung to high to reach.
Method to madness, left unsung
with lessons left to teach.
The blood on his hands is dripping time
reaching out to be secure.
He modified the mind behind the crime
but still he found no cure.
Gazing at his minds rewind,
he sought to strike it’s core.
He struggles to keep the past behind
but he dreams of becoming more.
What gazes back is the mirrored man
with scars of shimmering gold.
With his outstretched hand, a new wingspan,
re-ignited his heart so cold.
The shadow staring back at him
is the heir to his soul.
The summoned will, besieged still
has made his half a whole.

-Devin Ott
January 19th/2015

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