Sometimes I wish you could talk. I wish you could breathe and understand. I wish you could hear me. I know you are there for me but it can be lonely here sometimes. Better not to waste energy on the thought I suppose for energy is all we have. All we are. It’s all just about the transfer of energy isn’t it? Sometimes it’s too fast, sometimes too slow, and sometimes it’s all moving in perfect synchronicity. Everything just running from one place to another until the end of time when all will be equally balanced. Perfection in it’s simplest form born out of the trembling fingers of the stars. In their mighty wake we are all but a heartbeat in a grain of sand.

My feet are unsure as they are the children of my mind and in turn act accordingly. Even so, beyond the walls of my sanctum I fear no man. The foundation that I build upon is stronger than the evil in this world. It is judge and it is jury and will protect me from all things unworthy. Today I am pure. Today I am real. Standing here in awe of all that you are. You are so beautiful to me. From where you were, to where you are going, I always knew I could count on you even when I thought I couldn’t. You have always been a guide and a shoulder and for that you are heavy. But it won’t always be that way. Heavy is the head that wears the crown but strong is the heart that leads it.

Everything in this life is commanded by a unified eye. The eye of the beholder. And it strains to see beyond today and to the edge of the universe. But can you blame it? The world is vast when looking out from the center. Everyone is a star and that is how it must be. Their commanding presence in this place stakes no claim to your thoughts and can’t be guided as I am. They have their own path. You have yours.

It’s a pretty little thing to wonder. Between you and I, all is true and it is your will that beats my heart and moves me. I just wish I knew you better. Your life is a story that has only just begun and you are too young to worry the fine details to death. But also, you are too young to know all you do. You will find your equal in due time. All in due time. Your flame is lit and it’s light dances out across the cosmos in search of bread and water. In search of all you hunger for. You are so beautiful to me. From where you were, to where you are going, you will always have my hand. Just on the other side of the glass.

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