Poem – The Cut

“The Cut”

Shattered words land upon the ground
where a man once stood.
A wanting hand filled with draining sand
stands guard in cloak and hood.
Cut by line through looming sphere;
clear as the air between.
Branded fear is drawing near
behind a veil yet unseen.
Escape your fate but not unscathed,
payment made in friends held high.
A life to bathe, your cost to save
the monkey from the lies.
A new beginning, a blazing trail,
away from walls slammed to shut.
The holy grail, sets ship to sail,
trust laid firm in weathered gut.
Behind you? Lies and shattered blade
with the shell of a man to fill.
In orbit; retrograde. His end delayed
by sheer force of will.
Left to him, a burning fire,
Ever ready for attack.
Atop soaring pyre, he cut the wire,
never to turn back.

Devin Ott
May 3rd/2015

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