“Little things”

“Little things”

There aren’t many things in this world that are guaranteed. It is a place of constant motion, ever changing and reshaping. It’s inhabitants come and go as fleeting images in a grand slide show. Still frames pieced together to create not only the story, but the ability to read it. Individually, barely a blip on the radar, a grain of sand in a broad shoreline measured in figures that the human mind can scarcely begin to comprehend.

Somewhere though, in all the vastness of it, we manage to matter. To exist with some greater purpose born deep in the well of human knowledge contained within our DNA. The human mind is complex beyond measure and I like to think that it is something unique to us. Something to be used to create, to love, to move, and to protect. And although not everyone will use it to this end, I think it is this very thing, this imperfect freedom that gives us purpose. Driving us to be better than those who came before.

Beyond the newsreels of and historical records of the times we, as a species, fail to live up to our potential I see things in us on a much smaller scale that redeem those failures of the few. And on a persistent, day by day basis it adds up to a light far brighter than the dark. There is a love within us that seldom makes headlines but if you pay attention, you can see it. The world of man will one day become sick of war and greed but for now all we can hope to do is be a better still frame than yesterday. Holding fear and anger in your heart will only burn you down in the end.

Everyone is writing their own story but you can choose what is written for your part of it. I do not know what the passage of time will bring to my shores but I trust that it will bring something. For better or worse I can always count on that. I have faith that if my message is always from my heart and I am honest and true to it, that it will find a way to the ears that need to hear it. In what ever form they may take. The universe is only as cold and empty as we decide to see it, and only as big as we let it be.

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