Poem – Among the gathered sheep

“Among the gathered sheep.”

This path is so pure
but I’m not so sure I have the guts
to see it through.
It’s cape doesn’t keep me warm
against those thoughts of you.
Because my skin is shifting shape
but to what, I do not know.
These cobwebs in my head
drink my soul for show.
My enemy speaks in chemicals,
indecipherable the code,
The sinking ship radar blip,
can’t find a lightened load.
The handcuffs scream in riddled tongue,
safe behind a pane of glass.
It’s hard to see a future tree
from a shrub with snakes in grass.
My eyes grow tired of the seeing stone
within the treasured deep,
but will I find my piece of mind among the
among the crowd of gathered sheep?
Our reflection’s the same,
the bold image of men,
with a damaged flock, slipping chamber lock,
both an enemy and a friend.

-Devin Ott
July 19th, 2015

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