Goodbye, little one.

“Goodbye, Little one.”

My heart is heavy. Today I said goodbye again. Too soon. For today marks the passing of yet another kind creature. Another sweet being. Another beautiful spirit. It is strange that, somehow I feel a greater sadness in my heart for the suffering and passing of animals than I do for most human beings. No creatures that live in peace should have to die. But it seems, as the years go by, the opposite is proving true.

I believe that, when you take an animal into your life, you swear an oath to protect them as well as you can and to honor their happiness. To love them as family and do whats best for them. Even when things get rough. Unfortunately though, sometimes the best we can do to protect and honor them is to let them go. To set aside personal turmoil and heartache and make the call. I can’t imagine how hard that must be and I hope that if I’m ever faced with that decision, that I’ll have the strength to do whats best for Jack [my cat]. That I’ll have the strength that [my friends] did today. That I’ll have the strength to say goodbye.

The great legacy of life is to be remembered and it is in this way that we are all eternal. That we all matter, no matter how small. And to me, it is the most beautiful of things that such a small being can have such an impact on me as to bring me to tears. My heart is with my dearest friends, who’s heavy burden spans the sea. Little Clarkson was so loved by both of you and every time I saw him I could see that the life you gave him meant the world to him. Your love meant the world to him. And I’m sure he would have stayed if he could.

A strange thing happened when I heard the sad news. At around 4am this morning, I heard a quiet scratch at my door and I sat up to find it pushed open by little-man. I watched him as he silently wandered over to the side of my bed, before jumping up and nestling in the nook of my arm. He looked at me and started to purr. It was almost as if he knew I was upset, as if he understood, and was comforting me.

“I’m here. Don’t worry.”

I found in myself, a new appreciation for him, and the positive impact he has had in my life is clearer to me now than it has ever been. We are friends and we look out for each other. Just in different ways. I know nothing lasts forever but we don’t leave once we’re gone. We just change form. From earth to ether, we become memories and smiles, reflected in the eyes of remembrance. Little Clarky, I’ll never forget your strange name, and your quirky style. Rest easy, be at peace, and find your everlasting in our smiles.


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