Sticks, Stones, And How To Be A Man.

“Sticks, Stones, And How To Be A Man.”

The human experience is truly a wonder. In this realm of higher consciousness, the lands are lawless. Uncivilized. Unforgiving. Governed it seems, by the will of the common and constrained by the abilities of the lesser. A place in which all progress is measured in inches and divided by the lowest common denominator. Devolved, pandering to beasts and the use of stone tools. Here, passive aggression, manipulation, and plausible deniability are wielded as weapons. Words for the worthless. Props for the spineless. Hands reaching out blindly for some deluded sense of control in a chaotic world.

In this case, I understand the why and the how but still the purpose is unclear. What is the mechanism at work here? Have the series of check and balances within the human condition been lost? Or maybe, they were never really there to begin with. It seems a funny thing that, in it’s nature, the human experience can be so inhumane. That we can stand by and let it be that way. Perhaps it’s not that a peaceful man fears war itself, but rather how it might change him. Perhaps in his heart he knows, that becoming the enemy to defeat him, is to lose in and of itself.

They are clever, careful not to show their hand. Fearing that beneath the cards lay a mirror. Within it, a reflection as unforgiving and unrelenting as their assault on my good nature, my morality, and my sanity. Petty men. Prisoners of their own insecurities. Bleeding envy from self inflicted flaws of character, they would see us become them, because after all, there is safety in numbers and cowards never hunt alone.

The foundation of a man is built on knowledge and understanding. And attempting imposition of your will on others only serves to reveal how truly inadequate you are. I know who I am, and the strength of my character is born of neither fear nor anger. I will not bend to the will of lesser men or forfeit my piece of mind to satiate the mobs need for validation. Because, let there be no mistake, they are no one.

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