Poem – Petals to the past.

“Petals to the past.”

I see you there, feller of trees,
placing your petals in the stream.
My heart it weighs, missing a phase,
my thoughts betrayed, it seems.

This man I knew, only from afar,
became a smile and shoe amiss.
I watch the skies, behind his eyes,
as they turn to rain from mist.

Therein lies my path of silk,
in search of reason; finding truth.
My heart it bleeds, these bitter seeds,
I swallowed in my youth.

But now here you stand, feller of trees,
so vulnerable and real.
The mind perceived through falling leaves
shows me the ocean it conceals.

We lived in stories, when we were young,
of a princess and a prince.
Inside my head, it’s still time for bed,
though I haven’t heard one since.

I missed you all those years, you know?
Some days I’m back there searching still.
From time to time, I make the climb,
to cure a wavered will.

I travel there to read the walls
and find a light to guide my eyes.
It comforts me to finally see
the uncovering disguise.

And as I stand and watch a man in grief
floating his petals to the past,
the feller of trees; this man I see,
I understand his soul at last.

By Devin Ott (August 19th/2016)

Watch the video here.

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