“In & Out.” – Lyrics

“In & Out.”

Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Composition – Devin Ott
Drums – Alex Bishop
Recorded & Produced – Devin Ott
Written – April 26th/ 2013
Released – August 7th/ 2016
©Poetry for the Hunt 2016


Verse 1
Stop Lock
Red light
Over board help me out
Top notch
Bed post
A pyramid devout

Verse 2
Fall in
Feet first
Come back up and breathe
Slip through
Your hands
Heartbeat in my sleeve

One in
One out
The weight of the world and a man
I can’t
I will
Give it away if I can

Verse 3
So Low
How high
The snake and ladder interest
Your feet tread light
Weaving a web around us

Verse 4
I feel I could
Fly away from here
Stand still
Step up
Shed your skins and fear

Chorus x 2

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