Poem – “Masters of Distraction.”

“Masters of Distraction.”

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Here’s to a new year of skewed points of view
and people posting pictures of alcohol & food,
One of a kind minds designing script for your mood,
and new brand of social network
primed for solitude.
These contraptions are crude but
they get they job done,
in a society overrun with trending fads
and targeted ads for products to
satisfy all your desires but none of your needs,
sowing the seeds of greed & excess
into very fabric of the shirt on your back
and the dirt beneath your knees.
It’s a fate not of our choosing;
A prophecy of bruising that
jumps to conclusions fusing
minds and illusions.
It’s a war we are losing to faith in delusion
because the devices we’re using
don’t code for the value of humans.

We are hostages of consciousness
desperate for an audience,
for anyone to hear to our story about
how we suffer from the consequence of general lack
of confidence but don’t quite know why.
How we hate ourselves for being flawed
cause it pales by comparison
to the arrogance that treats our minds
like rats in an experiment.
And how we are never really missing cause we’re
never really there just
masters of distraction apprenticing despair.
There’s no time to be a victim
because no one really cares if there’s
a sale on happiness
when it’s sold out everywhere.
So just grit your teeth
and owners beware
Your misery is a masterpiece
in case you weren’t aware.

Because the gravity that’s tailor made
to fit inside your chest says it
doesn’t matter if you’re better
you have to be the best
and you’ll endeavor forever
just to relieve all the stress
of having a mind full of knowledge
about how to take a test.
So don’t tell me it’s progress,
don’t call it success,
when we parent our children
with screens and neglect.
Instill in them heartache
and teach them regret,
disinfect their emotions
and hide their defects.
It’s a wide range of symptoms you can collect
when you have all the tech
but you still can’t connect.

It’s coercion well rehearsed
immersed in hunger feeding thirst
but you know what’s worse?
The fact that somewhere along the line
we monetized the hurt
and the news became just another way
to sell a logo on a shirt.
Time is a commodity
but no one knows what it’s worth.
So we spend our days locked away
watching live feeds of the earth
and the monotonous & bottomless
display of spotlessness the internet provides.
It’s in the business of bending minds
and spreading lies to sway opinion.
So believe what you believe
but listen when I tell you
no one can achieve what they show on TV
but we hope & we dream
as the cycle repeats
and we spend our whole lives
on the shores of the sea
searching for the land beneath our feet.

-Devin Ott
February 20th/ 2018



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