On a road somewhere the sky is falling. It’s cold and dark. The winter chill outside taps on the window begging for shelter from the storm but it’s all just for show. A dusty thought, tucked away in the back of a cabinet somewhere. It clears off the cobwebs and dares me to open the door. Dares me to close it. Dares me to do nothing.

A dream sits to my right, radiating the entire essence of beauty defined. Focused to a point from the vast cosmic ether, projected as a mortal, but I know better. Cast under spell, I hear whispered words ringing in my ear like notes of a song I’ve heard a thousand times, but never quite like this. We are driving somewhere, anywhere, somehow it doesn’t matter. I am here, we are together, and everything else is just perfect silence.

This road knows me well, but I alone, and seems threatened by my passenger. It was lonely then and sometimes I’d let the cold in just for the company. Perhaps it still is, just in a different way now; a better way. A feeling that by it’s very existence, tells you you’re headed in the right direction. You’re on the right path.

A direction leading to nowhere at all and the only way to know you’ve arrived is by having been to all the places it isn’t. All the nights of white knuckles were meant to be and now pay homage to the mind they helped stitch back together. Piece by piece and thread by thread. I guess freedom is the price you pay for selling yourself.

I never did find what I was looking for, but instead something far better. Something that holds no comparison to any and all I could ever have imagined. There is only us; a light on a lonely road. The winter chill outside, still tapping, only serves as a reminder now; adding value to the heat. The vale is lifted and I finally see, that all the roads I’ve traveled, all paths I’ve walked, existed only for us to meet.

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Poem – “Pixel People.”

“Pixel People.”

I pressed my ear against your chest
and felt the earth shake beneath me.
The ringing I can hear, crawling behind the mirror,
takes pictures like they’re pills; unceasing.

A king; disappearing
to lust or dust or pawn.
Poised and rearing; chasing his tail
as the crowd stands there
cheering him on.

He hears a voice behind the wall
turning cobwebs into rock.
It says he lost the key.
It says she broke the lock.

The painted snow; a moonlight red.
A forge of life there-in.
The buzzing glow is just a show
for stumbling whispers on the wind.

It’s here on the edge, we sink or swim,
watching water on the rise.
Each pseudonym contained within
only serves to advertise

a life of pixel people
pacing hallways in disguise.
They feed the thief a stamped motif;
a smile for prying eyes.

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The Illusion of Perfection.

“The Illusion of Perfection.”

Watch the video here.

Each day my reflection changes, likely not in reality but who knows for certain. Human perception is largely biased. The world is open to interpretation and as a result, the way we see things changes from person to person. Two people who witness the same event, hear the same song, or look at the same picture, will never come away from it with the same understanding because reality it seems, is subjective.

I realize now, that there are errors in my programming; perhaps in everyone’s. Errors that alter the way I see the world, how I see others, and how I see myself. There are days I’m smart and days I’m strong, days I’m ugly and days I’m fat. Some that I’m inadequate, some that I’m everything I want to be, some that I’m brave and some that I’m scared. Scared to forget, scared of being forgotten, and some days I reflect as I truly am: somewhere in between.

On days like today, I can’t tell the difference. The mind in the mirror is beautiful but cunning and it knows there is no truth in our reality, only opinion. Whether we are aware of it or not, we’re always seeking approval in one form or another. We look to others for validation; judging our merits and gauging our worth by reaction alone. From a young age we learn that if you behave a certain way, mom & dad will approve, and if you don’t they won’t. This teaches us how to behave in society, but many people never stop searching for this kind of acceptance. They never learn that image and self-worth are not something given to you, but instead something you create for yourself. I was one of those people.

It started young, when I was a boy. Subconsciously comparing myself to my friends, I’d see how they looked, how they acted, what they’d achieved, and I guess at some point I determined I didn’t measure up. That I wasn’t as smart or talented. That I wasn’t as good looking. I fell in to a pattern of inadequate thinking that, in one form or another, still follows me around to this day.

There was a time when going the gym 6 days a week and dieting was the norm for me. My life was an endless pursuit of what, I thought, came naturally everyone else. I wanted so badly to look like they did. To feel worthy and accepted; to accept myself. I was racing my reflection and never once stopped to think where the finish line was; where I’d be happy with how I looked. Happy with who I was. If there was a road that could take you there, I never found it. The whole mindset seems a paradox to me now. How could the pursuit of some superficial esthetic ever lead to a lasting feeling of self-worth?

It’s a fantasy; an illusion of perfection, and it exists only in print. The mind is a weapon if left unchecked and in a society where sex sells and money talks, human beings are always in season; always on the menu. That’s why it always felt like no matter how strong or thin I got, I still wasn’t satisfied. I always wanted more. The finish line always felt like it was just out of reach because in reality, it didn’t exist.

The way you look is just one part of who you are. I think it’s easy for us to forget that. With the emphasis our society puts on appearance, it’s not surprising that little girls and boys grow up feeling like I did. I hope that if I have kids one day, I’ll be able to instill in them a feeling of self-worth and confidence that is uncompromising, unconditional, and distinct from the world outside.

I hope I can teach them to focus on what they love about themselves and about others, not what they don’t. To find validation not through some else but within themselves. Because the mirror doesn’t show you as you are, only as you think you are, and perception is malleable. Happiness is not a finish line, it’s a mindset, and by learning to love yourself and your imperfections, you can find a lasting happiness that will ripple like a wave to all other parts of your life. You have the power to change how you see yourself and it’s never to late to try. Beauty lives in all of us and you can find it if you want to. All you have to do is look.

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Generation: Anxiety.

“Generation: Anxiety.”

Watch the video Here.

The world is changing. We are more connected with one another than at any other point in human history. Woven in to the digital fabric of the modern age, we are like strands of satin in a vast sheet. Our lives playing out as a sequence of one’s and zero’s, repeating for what will surely be forever, until suddenly it stops.

These days, I find myself equally frightened and humbled by the immense power held between my fingertips. This golden glass; this seeing stone. It connects me to all things past, present, and future and holds the world for ransom. It scares me to think how, in a world so closely connected, it feels like we are more alone than ever. More isolated. More anti-social. More suspicious.

Not long ago, we spent our days working together for survival. We lived in small communities where each person had a defined role; a purpose. But now, in the age of instant access, the global community, we no longer know where we fit in or where we belong. We may have outsmarted the natural order, but in doing so, we’ve discovered that it’s lonely at the top.

We crave a sense of belonging, a feeling of acceptance, and it drives us to invest foolishly in indulgence. A society built on flimsy opinions, with an over-emphasis on the merits of material wealth. We have become little more than cogs in a clock. So fundamentally important and yet, we still just watch the time pass us by. Distracted, over-worked, and under-played, we build handcuffs with our habits and prisons with our networks. We forsake the moment for the hour and forget to live in it. Our attention is split a thousand ways and at any given moment we are bought, sold, upgraded, traded-in, liked, favorited, and forgotten. We are fragmented; incomplete. We are Generation: Anxiety, and we generate our own anxiety.

These are the symptoms of a world where time shines like gold & everyone is greedy, and in a fast-forward existence, who has time to breathe? Who has time to feel? There is always work to do but it’s never work on you. And that’s a big part of the problem. We spend so much time working on the dreams of others just to keep afloat, we forget to chase our own dreams. We forget to work on ourselves. All these things add up to weigh us down. A sea of people, sinking below the surf, left to feel worthless, abandoned, and misunderstood. But there is another way.

Re-focus your mind and breathe-in the moments you have with each other, for they are few and fleeting. Put down your phone and be present. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, but also strong, and strive to treat all beings with respect. Because success in life is not measured in dollars, it’s measured in difference. The difference you make for better or worse in the lives of all things, big or small, smart or dumb, beautiful or ugly.

How we treat each other and how we treat the world, matters. Be kind to yourself and those around you, even if no one is watching because your legacy is not something you can buy or sell. It’s not something you can trade-in, upgrade, or download. It’s not something you can take with you when you go. It’s a gift, given in trust, that lets us know we belong. That we’re not alone. And that feeling, that difference you can make, is something far more valuable than money.

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Poem – “Smiling Eyes.”

“Smiling Eyes.”

Long days & longer nights
Under blankets, out of sight.
A little girl with smiling eyes
Curls up for warmth; so tight.

Her nose, it flys to bait a scratch
And opens doors like lifted latch,
A face concerned in permanent
With fur that grows in patch.

The faintest sound of hurried feet
Leaving the covered underneath,
She gathers supplies and treats to eat
Despite a noted lack of teeth.

Over the years, she rose to fame
Gifted love & songs & many names
A curious heart and wanderer
Who left our lives forever changed.

Don’t be afraid now, smiling eyes
You are big and brave, despite your size.
Little candlelight of life,
I’ll think of you with each sunrise.

Long days and longer nights
Under blankets, out of sight.
A little girl with smiling eyes,
I’ll think of you with each sunrise.

By Devin Ott
September 28th, 2016

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“Weapons on the Wall.” -Lyrics

“Weapons on the Wall.”

Watch the music video here .

Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Composition – Devin Ott
Drums – Alex Bishop
Recorded & Produced – Devin Ott
Written – March 7th/ 2015
Released – August 7th/ 2016
©Poetry for the Hunt 2016

Verse 1
Your wind’s a waste to carry me away
Old number 7’s askin’ me to stay
Those weapons on my wall
Ain’t got nothin’ on you
Ain’t got nothin’ on you

Verse 2
Sit and stay a while
Don’t run away so soon
Gotta come up for air
Come up for air
Come up for air
Those weapons on my wall
Just stop and stare
Just stop and stare

Brought to me
A man in chains
Right now I simply am
That little string around your finger
Reminds me to be a man
Your lipstick on my lips and
Your hand in mine eclipsed
It’s a moment so fine
Blissfully blind
Playin’ cards on the skyline

Verse 3
Your minds a lace to hold me in sway
A picture perfect broken world kinda way
Those weapons on my wall
Ain’t got nothing on you
Ain’t got nothing on you

Verse 4
Take my hand and play a while
I promise I don’t bite
Captivated by your smile
Under shining lights
Those weapons on my wall
Just stop and stare
Just stop and stare

Chorus x 3

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“Gone College.” – Lyrics

“Gone College.”

Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Composition – Devin Ott
Drums – Alex Bishop
Recorded & Produced – Devin Ott
Written – November 26th/ 2015
Released – August 7th/ 2016
©Poetry for the Hunt 2016


Verse 1
My chest is so tight
Yeah, I can hardly breathe
This pretty little crown
It’ll bring you to your knees

Verse 2
Little genie in the bag
He’ll crawl in to your ears
With promises of candy and
An end to all your fears


Don’t take the easy way out
You’re not alone
Don’t take the easy way out
So far from home

Verse 3

This place is so dark
Yeah, I can hardly see
Delay your heartache
Satisfaction guaranteed

Verse 4
Sell out your future
This school teaches lies
Regrets the major
With a minor in disguise


Verse 5
My eyes are so tired
But I can’t sleep a wink
These broken wires, well
They’re makin’ it hard to think

Verse 6
The sweat looks good on you
With your beady bloodshot eyes
Swallow your courage
Cash in
Take your prize

Chorus x 2

Poetry for the Hunt’s Debut album “Play Therapy” is now available on iTunes, Shazam, Deezer, Google play, Spotify, and 24-7!

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